At VOLUTA we have different collaborations.

Here we talk about them:

Complementary musical training




Musical awareness workshops for babies in collaboration with UTEM Escola de Música.



Más que intérpretes (More than interpreters) is a program in which for about 20 minutes we will be able to know the most creative and unknown facet of many interpreters. We will discover what his research topic is, his new CD or his latest concert repertoire, his future projects and his way of proceeding, but above all we are interested in knowing the creative process behind all this.

VOLUTA Escola de Música

Pedagogical project in which the most important thing is the love for music and for children.


C/ Dr. Lanuza, 25 left

Alboraia 46120, Valencia


Regina Fuentes Gimeno/ María Suñén
623 101 150

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